What activites

Each Assessment Centre will include a range of exercises and activities to help the employer assess that the candidate has the competencies for the role.  Most employers try to make the exercises as realistic as they can to reflect what actually happens in the role and in the organisation.  Common exercises used at assessment centres are:



These are a "getting to know you" type of exercise.

Group Exercises

These vary in style and format and are designed to observe how individuals function as a group and how they respond and react to each other.


These could be similar to the first interview but be prepared to answer questions in more depth. You might be interviewed by more senior members of staff or your future line manager.


Tests designed to assess your numerical, verbal, diagrammatic, logical reasoning and situational judgement. Employers will administer those appropriate to the role.

In/E Tray

Candidates are given a selection of letters, memos and reports in either paper or electronic format and a scenario. Most of these type of exercises require you to analyse, prioitise and make decisions. 


Candidates can be asked to prepare a presentation in advance of the assessment centre or to present conclusions from one of the exercises.

Role Play

Exercises designed to observe how you react in a situatuion related to the role. Candidates are given a scenario. Role play is commonly a one to one exercise.

Case Studies

These are designed to observe how candidates solve a business problem.


Debut have created a guide about assessment centre tasks



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