For most people interviews are pretty nerve wracking yet interviewers are actually quite nice people! Knowing you are really well prepared can help to lessen nerves. To interview effectively you need to know what you have to offer, what the employer is like and what the job will actually involve - and then you need to be able to tell them about that giving relevant details and examples in a conversational manner.

Things to do

Get started with our checklist

Strength based interviews

Do you know your strengths? Can you articulate them?

Video interviews

Many employers are now using video interviews in the early stages of the recruitment process

Telephone interviews

Dealing with the particular issues of telephone interviews


You may be asked to prepare a presentation as part of your interview

Practice your interview technique

As with many skills, your confidence will grow with practice. Try our interview simulation tool (login using your DS id).  This tool allows you to select a bank of questions and then answer them under time pressure.  You can even use your webcam to record your responses and then play it back. This resource also includes advice from employers about how to answer interview questions.

Useful resources

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