Game-based assessments

Graduate recruiters are starting to introduce gamification into their psychometric testing.  Find out more with this article from TARGETjobs

Arctic Shores answers some questions about game technology

How do games-based tests work?

“Our assessments uniquely combine neuroscience, psychometrics and game technology to uncover meaningful, job-relevant insights about people. We help our clients create a more data-driven recruitment process and make unbiased and accurate hiring decisions.”  

What do the tests measure?

“Our assessments measure personality, decision-making, and cognitive ability. For example, we can measure how much information someone can process, and their ability to remain calm under pressure. The assessments do not measure dexterity (fine motor skills in the hands) or hand-eye coordination. These are myths.”

How can I improve my performance on these tests?

"As this is a psychometric assessment – measuring personality, decision-making and cognitive ability – there are no right or wrong answers. Each trait is measured on a spectrum, with two opposing behaviours one either end. Neither is better than the other, and the ideal combination of traits will differ from role to role. Thus, students shouldn’t get bogged down with how to respond on personality tests or ‘improve their performance’. Rather they should relax and try to react to the various tasks in a way that feels intuitive, to enable the assessment to capture their natural responses."


Some examples and advice

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