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    Practice situational, numerical, verbal and critical reasoning tests. Used by NHS Management Training Programme
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  • Applying for the NHS Scientist Training Programme in England? Be prepared for numerical reasoning and logical reasoning tests which you can practice here

Personality Profile Assessments  

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Critical thinking test, used by a number of Law firms

  • Hogan Lovells - example critical thinking test from AssessmentDay - scroll down to access the free test
  • Linklaters

Sample questions from 


iPrep Online free critical thinking test


Top tips

Blog from career coach

Situational judgement : a graduate perspective Blog from Manchester University Careers Service

Example questions

KPMG example on youtube

Sample from EY examples

Civil Service examples

Psychometrictest example

Abilitus - need to create an account

Surrey University - sample questions as part of research study

Norton Assessment - free trial situational judgement tests 

Jobtestprep example

Crisis Point - a day in A&E - example from Bolt Burdon Kemp

Capp are developing critical reasoning tests (CRT) and are currently trialling with students.

The following links require you to sign-up in order to complete the test.  Capp state that:

  • You will have an opportunity to practice a test that many employers are currently using to select for insight days, internships, placements and graduate careers
  • You will receive a personalised report detailing how you performed and feedback on how you can develop your critical reasoning
  • By completing this assessment, at no cost to you, you will put yourself in a much better position to secure a role or placement that will benefit you in your career

They will use student scores to gauge the difficulty of the tests as they refine them.   


Judging arguments and identifying assumptions

Deducing conclusions

Evaluating evidence

Drawing logical inferences

All tests take 15-20 mins.