Estates Maintenance Services System (EMS)

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Screenshot of EMS menu option within FMS

Departments are responsible for submitting their own service order requests for either chargeable or non-chargeable works via EMS. The only exception is emergency requests (such as gas leaks, security incidents or lift breakdowns) which should be phoned to the Estates Helpesk on extension 2164.

All requests submitted by University departments for repairs, maintenance, upgrades and adaptations will be processed through the EMS system.  The system will appear as a menu option within the Finance FMS system for nominated users. If you don't know who your department's nominated user is, please contact the Estates Helpdesk so they can look this up for you.

Please see the EMS FAQs for further information. 

Chargeable and non chargeable service orders

faults to electrical fittings

damage to roofs

plumbing issues

air conditioning faults

furniture faults

ceiling repairs

repairs or maintenance of any of the following:

  • gutters
  • downpipes
  • plasterwork
  • floors
  • paths
  • doors
  • windows
  • shelves
  • fixed equipment

Pest control

Lift faults

Exterior door faults

Access control issues

Selected Portering requests:

  • Delivery of cleaning materials
  • University Exams set up
  • Graduations set up
  • Items for delivery to mailroom
  • Supply of prospectuses
  • University event set up
  • Uplift of cleaning equipment for repair
  • Uplift of used toner cartridges

Examples of chargeable service orders:

installation of new fittings or equipment, e.g.:

  • shelving
  • coat hooks
  • pin or white boards
  • new sockets
  • heaters
  • sinks

enhancements to rooms



new carpets

new furniture

white goods

replacement keys and locks

skip hire

additional security for events

Any other Portering requests, e.g.:

  • rearranging offices
  • moving furniture or equipment
  • disposal of scrap/waste
  • departmental event set up
  • disposal of fridges and freezers
  • Disposal of furniture
  • Uplift of paper and cardboard waste

For chargeable service orders, departments will need to provide a charge code to which all costs will be billed.


Billing Statements and Queries 

Following your feedback, we have reduced the frequency of billings. 

A bi-weekly billing report is generated for all chargeable service orders. Customer billing statements are automatically sent to one or more registered contacts in each department. 

If after viewing the breakdown of the costs on a service order you wish to query any amount appearing there, or on a billing statement you received, please contact the Estates Helpdesk, providing details of the Service Order reference, e.g E-SR20000123. Any errors in the amounts charged to departments will be credited back to them via an FMS journal.


EMS Training Videos

Training videos can be viewed via the EMS Service Order entry screen. 

1. Once in the screen click on the 'Knowly' icon in the top right hand corner. Knowly icon

2. You will find some text, headed ‘How to create a service order’

Screenshot of How to create a service order section at EMS

3. Select 'Read more' and you will find a video which will guide you through the creation of a non chargeable (non recoverable) service order. 

4. On the same page you will also find the video for the creation of a chargeable (recoverable) service order.


EMS Customer Reports  

At the moment there are only a couple of reports available to EMS system users.

Service Order Status Report

This report allows departments to view and see details of the status of all jobs they have raised.  See the instructions for Creating a Customer Service Order Status Report.