All requests submitted by University Departments for repairs, maintenance, upgrades, adaptations etc., and all associated costs are processed through EMIS (Estates Management Information System).

Billing Statements and Queries

A weekly billing report is generated and customer billing statements are automatically sent to one or more registered contacts in each department. Customers wishing to query any amount appearing on a billing statement should contact the Helpdesk, providing details of the sub project reference, e.g. E-SR123456W. Any errors will be corrected and credited back to the customer via a journal on FMS.

WEMIS Customer Access

The web version of EMIS, termed "WEMIS", which allows customers to create their work request online can be accessed via Pegasus. Work requests (or Sub Projects) fall into two main categories:

  • Maintenance sub projects - for non-billable type work (including faults to electrical fittings, damage to roofs, repairs to gutters, downpipes, plasterwork, floors, paths, doors, windows, shelves, fixed equipment, plumbing issues, furniture faults)
  • Service Request sub projects - for billable type work (such as the installation of new fittings/equipment, enhancements to rooms). Departments will be charged for this group of work.

All staff who have a DS account have automatic access to WEMIS. However in order to be able to raise requests for chargeable/billable items users need to apply for an enhanced level of access. Please contact the Estates Helpdesk at estates.helpdesk@strath.ac.uk, specifying the account codes against which you would like to be able to raise, and charge, Service requests. Authorisation of this enhanced access will need to be approved by your Head of Department. The Helpdesk will contact them directly to get that authorisation so please check with your HoD before submitting your request for enhanced access.

The helpdesk will advise you when your request for enhanced access has been processed.

WEMIS Training

Short training videos on the use of the various forms within the WEMIS system are available at the following links:

How to raise a Web Service Request (Recoverable)

How to raise a Web Service Request (Non-recoverable)

How to raise a Portering Services Web Request (Non-chargeable)