Estates Services Estates Maintenance Services (EMS) guidance

All requests submitted by University departments for repairs, maintenance, upgrades, and adaptations will be processed through the EMS system. The system will appear as a menu option within the Finance FMS system for nominated users.

EMS essentials

Examples of non-chargeable service orders include:

  • faults to electrical fittings
  • damage to roofs
  • plumbing issues
  • air conditioning faults
  • furniture faults
  • ceiling repairs
  • repairs or maintenance of any of the following:
    • gutters
    • downpipes
    • plasterwork
    • floors
    • paths
    • doors
    • windows
    • shelves
    • fixed equipment
  • pest control
  • lift faults
  • exterior door faults
  • access control issues
  • selected Portering requests:
    • delivery of cleaning materials
    • University exams set up
    • graduations set up
    • items for delivery to the mailroom
    • supply of prospectuses
    • University event set up
    • uplift of cleaning equipment for repair
    • uplift of used toner cartridges

Examples of chargeable service orders include:

  • installation of new fittings or equipment, for example:
    • shelving
    • coat hooks
    • pin or white boards
    • new sockets
    • heaters
    • sinks
  • enhancements to rooms
  • signage
  • painting
  • new carpets
  • new furniture
  • white goods
  • replacement keys and locks
  • skip hire
  • additional security for events
  • any other Portering requests, for example:
    • rearranging offices
    • moving furniture or equipment
    • disposal of scrap/waste
    • departmental event set up
    • disposal of fridges and freezers
    • disposal of furniture
    • uplift of paper and cardboard waste.

For chargeable service orders, departments will need to provide a charge code to which all costs will be billed.

Billing statements & queries

A bi-weekly billing report is generated for all chargeable service orders. Customer billing statements are sent to one or more registered contacts in each department.

If you wish to query any cost appearing on a service order or billing statement you have received, contact the Estates Helpdesk. Please provide details of the Service Order reference. For example, SR20000123. Any errors in the amounts charged to departments will be credited to them via an FMS journal.

EMS training videos

Training videos can be viewed via the EMS Service Order entry screen.

  1. Once on the screen click on the 'Knowly' icon in the top right-hand corner
  2. You will find text, headed ‘How to create a service order’
  3. Select 'Read more'. A video will guide you through the creation of a non-chargeable (non-recoverable) service order
  4. On the same page you will also find the video for the creation of a chargeable (recoverable) service order

Service order status report

This report allows departments to view and see details of the status of all jobs they have raised.  See the instructions for Creating a Customer Service Order Status Report.

EMS building codes 

When creating a Service Order you need to enter details in the ‘object code’ field of the building, floor, room that the work is for. On EMS, you can type the relevant code straight into the 'object code' field. All rooms are coded in the same way. For example, MC-01-133 is the McCance building Floor 01, Room 133. CL-02-201 is the Collins building, level 2, Room 201. If you begin to type your building code (for example, MC) you will see a list of values for that building alone.

Building nameBuilding code on EMS
181 St James Road AL
Advanced Forming Research Centre AF
Andrew Ure Hall AK
Architecture Building AR
Barony Hall BH
Birkbeck Court AD
Block K KB
Cathedral Wing CW
Chancellor's Hall BC
Collins Building CL
Colville Building CV
Corn Street CS
Curran Building CU
Duncan Wing DW
Forbes Hall AS
Garnett Hall AR
Graham Hills Building GH
Hamnett Wing HW
Henry Dyer Building HD
James Blyth Court BB
James Goold Hall BE
James Weir Building JW
James Young Hall BD
John Anderson Building JA
Learning and Teaching Building TL
Lightweight Manufacturing Centre DB
Livingstone Tower LT
Lord Hope Building LH
Lord Todd AQ
McCance Building MC
Murray Hall AP
National Manufacturing Institute Scotland NM
Ramshorn Building RT
Robertson Wing AB
Ross Priory RP
Ross Priory - Lochside Cottage BL
Royal College Building R
St Pauls F
Stenhouse Wing SW
Strathclyde Sport SH
Students' Union AA
Technology Innovation Centre TC
Thomas Campbell Court BA
Thomas Graham Building TG
University Centre UC
Wolfson Building WC