Room Booking

Rottenrow Gardens

Web Room Bookings Facility

Web Room Bookings for 20/21 is not currently available but we hope to make it available shortly. Booking confirmations will be subject to timetabling publication dates, as detailed on the login page. 

The web room bookings facility works best when you are using Internet Explorer. An online Tutorial video is available at the bottom of the screen for first time users.

As well as making a booking online you are also able to View and Cancel your own bookings using the facility's My Bookings tab options.

Please note that all requests submitted to the Timetabling and Room Booking section will still be provisional until you receive an email advising that they are confirmed. In order to minimise email correspondence, please include as much detail as possible about your booking in the description as well as familiarize yourself with Internal Booking page.

Students do not have access to the Web Room Bookings facility and Room Bookings are unable to take their requests. If a student wishes to book a room this can be requested by a member of staff in their department or the Students' Union.

If you are making a booking for an event that involves students attending, i.e teaching activities or class meetings, please note that students do not have access to the Collins building.

Contact Details

Please contact with all enquiries.



CPT Room Facilities

Information Services have a website listing facilities available in Central Pool Teaching Rooms.

Please contact or call 0141 548 5999 (x5999) for support or issues with teaching technology.

Please contact the Estates Helpdesk for any room maintenance issues.