Estates Services Room Booking

Resource booker

Resource Booker is now open for non-teaching bookings in central pool teaching rooms. You can log in using your university email address and password.

Resource Booker is an online tool where staff and postgraduate research students can book rooms and resources across campus.

To see how resource Booker works there is a short video, 'Resource Booker Book a Room Demo', and a Resource Booker User Guide (pdf).

Using the Resource Booker (staff)

You will see at least 3 booking tiles under "Make a Booking for Central Pool Teaching Rooms" when you log in: 

  • Central Pool Rooms (Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm) for weekday bookings
  • Collins Meeting Rooms to request a meeting room in the Collins building
  • Central Pool Rooms Out of Hours to request a room in the evening or weekend

Resource Booker should not be used to book teaching activities, as they will not appear on module or personalised timetables. Please contact your Departmental Timetable Coordinator (DTC) for advice.

Timetabled teaching takes priority. We can only open bookings in central pool teaching rooms 9am to 5pm during teaching weeks once timetables are confirmed. In semester 2 any rooms not allocated for teaching (in the core timetabling system) will be released for booking within Resource Booker after the timetable has been finalised.

You can find out more information about the rooms on campus, including photos, on the room facilities search or under Room Details in Resource Booker.

More information about making room bookings can be found on the Internal Room Bookings page.

Departmental resources

If you want to use Resource Booker to manage your resources, contact to learn more about the onboarding process.

Setting up Resource Booker

  1. Email with a description of what you want to use Resource Booker for, and the timescales you are working around.
  2. Fill out the provided spreadsheet. This will include resource information and restrictions.
  3. Complete provided admin training. This will help you understand how the management of resources and booking templates will work.
  4. Set up your booking templates on test. The project team will help you with this.
  5. Move the test templates to live. After testing, the project team will set your booking templates on the live system.
  6. Gather feedback. Let us know how the pilot is going. We can look to amend the booking templates to work better for you.


Please contact with any room booking queries.

Information services have a website listing facilities available in central pool teaching rooms.

Please contact the Estates Helpdesk for any room maintenance issues.