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Personalised timetables are available via the StrathApp. Before you can see your personalised timetable, you must have

1) completed registration

2) had your module choices approved by your Advisor of Studies/Year Advisor/Department

3) been allocated to your chosen modules by your Departmental Timetabling Co-ordinator

Once you have completed registration, it may take a few days for your individual timetable to become available. If you still cannot see your lectures five working days after you register, contact your department in the first instance.

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Frequently asked questions

As you may have been pre-allocated a lab or tutorial group (managed by your Department) you may not see all your teaching activities on your individual timetable. Your department/subject area should have informed you of the details of these activities separately and you should contact them with any queries.

Note that if you have recently changed your module choices, it may take a few days for the change to be reflected on your personalised timetable.

Room allocations and class times are subject to change. Please check your timetable and Myplace for notification of changes to rooms/classes.

If you have undertaken any summer activities (e.g. STEM Summer School, pre-sessional English) or you are studying via distance learning, your current registration may overlap with your subsequent programme of studies. As a result, Myplace is not able to display your timetable until the summer course terminates and your 2023-24 student record is activated.

As the App allows you to select which registration is active, it is able to display your personalised timetable in these cases.

If you have not undertaken a summer school course, you should contact your department in the first instance.

You can view more Frequently Asked Questions on the Personalised Timetables page

If the Frequently Asked Questions didn’t answer your queries, you can contact: