Space Management And Planning


The Space Management and Planning team have wide ranging responsibilities across the University:
  • Keeping accurate database and drawing records of the room numbers, areas, functions and occupancy of University accommodation allocated to departments.
  • Managing requests by departments to change any of this data to ensure the record drawings and database accurately reflect all room allocation and use.
  • Providing the university with strategic and operational reports based on estates data.
  • Actively managing and reporting on the allocation and utilisation of department accommodation and teaching activities etc.
  • Processing departmental requests for estates developments or room allocations to meet their needs.
  • Coordinating requests by departments to add to their room allocations or physically change existing functions or layouts
  • Responding to requirements to make reasonable adjustments to the estate to meet the needs of students and staff with disabilities
  • Preparing design briefs for minor and major development projects based on department requirements
  • Supporting the project design and costing to assist in the decision making processes
  • Improving the quality of the estate‚Ä®Post Occupancy Evaluations of completed projects
  • Reporting on space management issues from within the University and across the sector
  • Providing the University with relevant information to benchmark against other HEIs
  • Assisting the Assistant Director of Strategic Planning and Director of Estates Services in the Strategic Planning of the campus and current issues

Please email David Pollard if you have any queries on these issues or on related matters of interest.