Online payslips provide several advantages to staff and the University, including:

  • Convenience
    - they can be accessed quickly and easily from any computer and many mobile devices, on- and off-campus, and all your payslips dating back to April 2011 are available to view and print if required.
  • Efficiency
    - they help the University meet its commitment to reducing its environmental impact by reducing the amount of paper printed, and the energy required to deliver printed payslips around the campus.
  • Security
    - they are more secure than printed payslips: only you can access them, via the Finance tab on PEGASUS.

You can access your online payslip on PEGASUS.

  • To access PEGASUS:
    - open a Web Browser on your computer (such as Windows Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari).
    - go to the University home page.
    - scroll to the foot of the page, then click on ‘PEGASUS’ under Online Services.
    - enter your University username and password.
  •  Once you are logged in to PEGASUS:
    - click on the ‘Finance’ tab
    - click on the ‘Online Payslips’ link
    - select the year, then month for the payslip that you wish to view. 
    (Note that if no payslip was produced for a given month, that month will not be visible for selection.)
  • If you experience any problems when trying to view a payslip, please contact the IT Helpdesk – settings on some browsers may need to be changed.

The online payslips contain exactly the same information as paper payslips.

Online payslips will be available to view at least two working days before the date of payment. 

Dates are listed on the Finance pages of the University website at:

Payslips will be available as long as you continue to be employed by the University.  All payslips from April 2011 are available online. 

Please remember that if you do intend to leave the University, and you require a copy of your payslips, you should save or print them before you leave.

Yes, online payslips can be printed in the same way that you would print any other document, although you should consider whether you actually need to print it.  As with any confidential information, it is recommended that caution is exercised when accessing or printing online payslips using shared computers and printers; or computers and printers in shared offices or public areas.

No, your current University username and password will allow you to access PEGASUS.

You can access/change your user name and password online.

If you have any issues accessing your account / resetting your password, or have forgotten your account / password, you can go to either the McCance Helpdesk or the IS Enquiry desk in the Library, where staff will reset your password and print your DS Account details on the production of photo ID. They need the photo ID to verify who you are and won’t be able to reset your password without it.

Refer to question 8, above.  Alternatively you can change your password via the PEGASUS home page under ‘Services’ - ‘Change Password’.

You should not need to. 

Online payslips are accessible through the University’s PEGASUS portal, which is accessible through a web browser such as Windows Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

Yes. Use the Safari web browser to access PEGASUS as detailed in question 2, above.

Viewing online payslips on tablets and mobiles is not specifically supported, although it is likely to be possible to some degree on many devices.

No, however, it is recommended that you view your payslip on a regular basis to check that payments and deductions are correct.

If you wish to query any part of your online payslip please contact Payroll:

- Telephone: extension 4758 or 2274
- Email: