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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What does HMRC mean?
A. HMRC is short for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs which was formerly known as The Inland Revenue

Q. What is the University’s HMRC PAYE tax reference number?
A. 961/8901816

Q. What is the telephone number for HMRC if I have a query about my personal tax matters?
A. 0300 200 3300, Note they will not answer your enquiry if you cannot quote your National Insurance number

Q. What does the tax code "647L" mean?
A. This is your tax allowance for the tax year, which means that £6,479 of your salary will not be subject to tax. Note that this sum is divided into 12 monthly segments which accumulate as the tax year progresses.

Q. What does the tax code "OT" mean?
A. If applied correctly this usually means that your employment with the University is not your main source of income. Please contact the Payroll section if this code is shown on your payslip and you do not have another income source.

Q. When do we usually get paid?
A. Pay day is the 2nd last working day of the month. The dates for the current and next month are shown on the payslip. The dates for the tax year ending March can be accessed by clicking here.

Q. Where can I find my payroll/staff number?
A. The payroll/staff number is printed on the payslip and P60

Q. I am self employed. Why is tax being deducted from my payments?
A. It is possible to be classed as self employed with one organisation, but not another as your status depends on the relationship that you have with them. Employers therefore have to carry out checks before they can make payments on a self employed basis. If you are registered as self employed and believe that your payments from the University should be paid without deductions, please ask the Department you are working with to contact Finance by email: to request an . The Head of Department, or his substitute, will complete this form and the answers contained therein will be used to determine your status.