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What are Dynamic Personal Distribution Lists?

A Dynamic Personal Distribution List (DPDL) is a powerful email communications tool. It's used to target a particular group of staff or students. The DPDL is dynamic because it's regularly refreshed. This ensures that the target group remains up-to-date.

The DPDLs user manual is available on the DAT Resource Centre.

How do I use this service on PEGASUS?

When you log into PEGASUS you'll now see your Dynamic Personal Distribution Lists. It sits under the ‘Communications’ tab. This area will display the lists that you can use. Click on the relevant list link. Your email will open with the distribution list ready to use.

Recent enhancements

A number of new enhancements are now available with PEGASUS Personal Distribution Lists:

  • lists can now be filtered; the entry page excludes your withdrawn lists as a default, but you can still view them if you wish to
  • users can now have a maximum of 100 lists
  • users can use any list name as long as it is unique and can now use + (plus) – (dash) and . (full stop) in the list name
  • users can use criteria match values to identify nominees, as well as individuals
  • these new lists will use instead of Existing lists will continue to use


If you cannot send to a list

Make sure the email client is using your University email account. And that this email account is the same as that recorded on the Human Resources Information Server (HRIS).

If emails bounce back

A reason for this could be that the recipient's email address has been incorrectly recorded using HRIS. Contact Information Services for advice.