Information ServicesWalk-in access to electronic resources

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide walk-in access to electronic resources. Please check back later or contact us with queries.

Having 'walk-in' access means you can access electronic library services whilst inside the Library building. You will not be able to access electronic services from elsewhere.

Electronic resources include:

  • eJournals
  • eBooks
  • databases

Visit our LibGuide for or a full list of resources available to walk-in users.

We have computers set aside for walk-in users. Our staff will direct you to these computers when you visit.

Memberships eligible for walk-in access 

We offer access to electronic services strictly within the physical premises of the library building as an optional add-on for the following types of library membership:

  • University of Strathclyde and Jordanhill graduates (alumni)
  • graduates of universities other than Strathclyde
  • SCONUL card holders (SCONUL academic staff, SCONUL research and taught postgraduates, SCONUL part-time students, and SCONUL distance learning and placement students)
  • University of Glasgow postgraduates and academic staff
  • members of University Court
  • Centre for Lifelong Learning students on credit-bearing courses
  • members of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society and Scottish Mountaineering Club

Use of the walk-in access computer for commercial activity is prohibited.

Anyone wishing to use a walk-in access computer must have taken membership in one of the above categories. The only exception to this policy is University of Strathclyde/Jordanhill graduates who can use the walk-in access computer without taking membership but must apply for a visitor’s pass before visiting. No other holders of visitor’s passes are eligible for walk-in access.

Applying for walk-in access

Each time you come to the Library you will need to visit the Enquiry desk on Level 3 to apply for a walk-in user account. We will ask to see:

  • Photographic proof of identity, such as a driving licence or passport, and
  • Proof of address, such as a current utility bill or bank statement.

We will give you a temporary username and password to use on one of the walk-in access computers in the Library. The username and password will be valid for a maximum of four hours.

Please do not delete your browser session history. This may nullify your library membership. 

Please return your walk-in user account details to the desk before you leave the Library.

Book the walk-in access computer

Contact us to book a specific time slot for the walk-in computer.

Please note:

  • We do not take block bookings
  • We will cancel scheduled bookings if the customer is more than 60 minutes late for their slot

Regulations & legal restrictions

  1. Walk-in users should not attempt to use services which are, by the terms of the licences under which access is made available at the University of Strathclyde, unavailable for walk in use. Technical security restrictions are applied to these services.
  2. We record details of resources you access during your walk-in user session. Library staff then check the logs. You agree to this monitoring when you access walk-in facilities.
  3. Use of the walk-in computer for commercial activity is prohibited.
  4. Inappropriate use of walk in user network facilities will result in the termination of this extension to library membership.
  5. Inappropriate use of walk in user network facilities may additionally leave the walk-in user vulnerable to further sanctions which are applicable in response to breaches of the University of Strathclyde's Information Security Policy.