Digitisation service

The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) allows scanning of certain items for teaching purposes, within the conditions of their CLA Photocopying and scanning HE licence.

Teaching staff may place a request for an item to be scanned by submitting our digitisation request form.

You must submit a separate copy of the form for each request and each individual class. We will process your request(s) as soon as possible.

Your class will be able to view scanned items on Myplace.


Costs of scanning

  • We do not charge for items scanned under the CLA Photocopying and scanning HE licence.
  • Items that require us to pay a separate copyright fee may incur a small charge.
  • Where permission is required for items not covered by the CLA Photocopying and scanning HE licence, we will charge a fee to your department. This cost will vary depending on existing licence agreements, copyright permissions required and ownership of the material. Copyright clearance could take some time and also cost a great deal.