Digital Library Support and Virtual Learning

Institutional VLE Support

The Library can help provide information content to teaching staff who are engaged in e-learning.

These guidelines from the University of Strathclyde Library service consist of guidance on general principles to do with best practice in information use. The Library does not offer technical support per se in use of a VLE (this support comes from elsewhere), nor does it offer to author VLE materials (this is the role of departmental staff).

Below, we detail practical ways by which we can facilitate the presentation and appropriate use of information resources within a VLE.

Dynamic subject pages

You may want to create your own pages made up of urls of Library materials (ejournals, ebooks etc.). Where material is not catalogued by the Library, then you will have to create and maintain your own lists of such non-Library e-journals (or any other equivalent e-resource which is not catalogued in SUPrimo).

Scanning service

The digitisation service can digitise items (e.g. chapters of books, journal articles) for teaching purposes, if the item is not already available in electronic format and if the request conforms to the CLA licence conditions.

The Scanning Service can also offer advice on the legal sourcing/acquisition of digital items that are not available through the Library funded resources and do not meet the conditions of the CLA licence.

Advice on digital rights management

Copyright has always been an important issue in library and information work. There are good sources of copyright advice available to you at Strathclyde, but in addition, the Library staff have developed a professional expertise in traditional copyright over many years, and this helps us to address similar issues in the digital information environment. Through the Scanning Service, we can advise academic staff on the process of digital rights clearance. Copyright enforcement agencies, such as the CLA, have a statutory right to inspect all the digital materials in a secure VLE. It is important that all digital materials mounted within Myplace (and anywhere else) at Strathclyde have an audit trail of rights clearance.


Although the Assistive Technology Advisers in the University's Disability Service are the main source of advice on creating accessible electronic learning media, the Library does have a role here as well.

All the Library’s electronic information services are subject to the demands of the Disability Discrimination Act and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act. This gives you an advantage if you use the Library’s digital resources as an integral part of your teaching, since we assess these materials in relation to their compliance. The Library is therefore in a good position to give advice on how its materials can be used to promote accessible e-learning provision by means of a VLE.