H: and i: network drives

Every student and staff member at Strathclyde can save files on the University network. 

You can access your H: and i: drives once you log on to any networked University computer. On Windows machines, you'll find your H: and i: drives under 'My computer' (or 'Computer').

You can access your H: and i: drives when you're off campus, and from Linux/Unix machines, Macs, mobile devices, and from Windows machines which aren't on the University network. Visit our In Depth pages to get started.

We back up all data saved on the network. There's no need for you to make your own additional backups of files stored on network drives. If you accidentally delete a file, you can usually restore it yourself.


H: drive

Every user has a 'home directory' on the network, or H: drive, for their own individual files and folders.


i: drive

You will find shared folders for teams and groups in the i: drive. 

All users can connect to the i: drive. What you see in the i: drive depends on which folders have been shared with you. This is usually managed by departmental/Faculty IT staff.

If you would like to join an existing group of i: drive users, or would like to have a new group created, contact your local IT support. If you do not know who this is, contact us.