Connect to Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi network provided by the University for staff and students is called eduroam.

eduroam is available across campus. You can use also your Strathclyde login details to connect to eduroam at thousands of other universities and colleges around the world.

WiFi Guest is public access Wi-Fi for visitors without a Strathclyde or eduroam login. You should only use the WiFi Guest network if you do not have a Strathclyde or eduroam login. eduroam is the recommended network for staff and students.


Your eduroam username

Your eduroam username is your DS username followed by

You won't be able to connect to eduroam if you don't type after your DS username.


Get connected

You need to follow some simple instructions to connect your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop to eduroam for the first time.

You will only need to do this once for each device. Once you've set up your device(s), they will automatically connect to the internet whenever you're near an eduroam Wi-Fi hotspot.


Phones and tablets

How you set up eduroam on your mobile device depends on your operating system.

Choose your operating system to see the instructions for your device.



Setting up a connection to eduroam is easy with our configurators, whether you are on or off campus. To download the configurators:

On campus To set up eduroam on your laptop:
  1. Connect your laptop to the 'StrathWifiSetup' network available in the Library
  2. Open your browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox etc) to display the eduroam page
  3. Download the appropriate configurator using the links there.

If you need more help please contact us.

(Strathclyde staff and students only) 

Use our Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT) to download the right software for your device.

Repeat for all devices.

Configuration assistant tool (CAT)

If your device does not find the eduroam network on its own you can use our Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT). The CAT website automatically detects the operating system you are using and gives you a link to download the appropriate configuration tool. Use the 'all platforms' link to find configurators for alternative operating systems.

More help with your laptop

Contact us or visit our In Depth help pages if you need more help getting online with eduroam.


Logging in

Strathclyde staff and students

  1. Once you've completed the set-up, choose eduroam from your device's list of available networks
  2. Your eduroam username is your DS username followed by For example,
  3. Your password is your DS password - the one you use to log in to University computers, Myplace, and PEGASUS.

You must type this information correctly or you will not be able to connect to eduroam.


  • Visitors from other institutions should use the username and password supplied by their home institution to connect to eduroam at Strathclyde.
  • If you do not have an eduroam username and password you can connect to the WiFi Guest network, instead.


Using eduroam at other institutions

If you're planning to use your mobile device at other institutions with eduroam Wi-Fi, you should use the configuration tool to make sure your settings are correct.

If you have any difficulties connecting to eduroam at another institution you must contact Strathclyde for help.

You can find details of participating institutions on the eduroam website.


Wi-Fi Guest

If you aren't able to log in to eduroam you can use our 'WifiGuest' network. This network uses the same infrastructure and authentication system as '_The Cloud' network found in public places across the UK.

eduroam is the recommended network for staff and students.


Wi-Fi access for visitors

How to get online:

  1. Select 'WiFiGuest' from the list of available networks on your laptop or mobile device
  2. Launch your preferred browser and click 'Get Online'
  3. Select the 'Free Wi-Fi Cloud' option
  4. WiFiGuest uses the public access Wi-Fi network known as _The Cloud. If you've used _The Cloud elsewhere before you can use the same user details to log in. If not, select 'Create Account' and enter all mandatory information requested
  5. Select 'Continue' to connect to WiFiGuest

_The Cloud is owned by BSkyB. Visit their help pages if you need technical support or want to remove your details from the BSkyB database.


Wi-Fi access in Halls of Residence

Please see our information page if you have questions about Wi-Fi access in University Halls of Residence.

More help

Visit our In Depth help pages or contact us for more help with Wi-Fi on campus.