We may have had to make changes to the services detailed on this page due to COVID–19 restrictions. 

Please see our Coronavirus information page for the latest updates. 

If you would like to study in silence, you should go to a pink silent study zone.

 Silent study L1 L4 L5

Levels 1, 4 and 5 are our silent study floors.

There may be some discussion at the enquiry desks on Levels 4 and 5 as we work to answer customer queries.

Please choose a seat further away from the desk if you do not wish to be disturbed.

For complete silence please go to Level 1.

Facilities on these floors include:


  • Toilets
  • Free water dispensers


Staffed services


Book a small room

If you would like to study quietly with one or two friends, you can book a small group discussion room online up to two weeks in advance.

We have five small bookable rooms on Level 4, and five more rooms on Level 5.


Silent study zone rules

When you're working in the silent zones, please:

  • be silent, unless you're asking for help at the enquiry desk.
  • drink only from containers with lids, such as bottles, flasks or coffee cups with lids
  • eat only sweets and small snacks
  • keep your mobile phone on silent mode. It's OK to text but please move to a green zone for voice calls.

You may also want to read our study zone regulations.