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Bookshelf locations

Where to find books and resources in the Library

Most books and resources in the Library have a classification number, called a Dewey number. You need to use this number to find the resource you're looking for.

We use the Dewey Decimal system to sort our resources by subject area. You can use browse a general subject area or use SUPrimo to find a specific resource's Dewey number. Dewey numbers may also be provided on your reading lists.

Use the following list to find the location of your subject's books in the Library. For example, if you were looking for a book with the Dewey number 636.15 BAI:

  • Find the 600s in the following table 
  • Numbers 350-699 are on Level 4. Go there to find your book unless it's from the Short Loan Collection, which is on Level 3 (see the section titled Short Loan below).
  • Follow the signs on the ends of the bookshelves to find the number range you need, such as 630-646
  • From here, make your way along the shelves to find the specific number. Books are all arranged numerically, by Dewey number, then by the first three letters of the author's last name (BAI)
  • Once you've found 636.15, make your way through the books to find the letters you need (BAI), then check the titles and editions of the books there to make sure you borrow the right one!

If you can't find what you're looking for, please ask a member of staff in the Library or contact us.

Library locations - Dewey numbers
Dewey numberLocation in the Library
D001 D009  Level 4 
D010  D016.339  Level 1 
D016.34  D016.349  Level 5 
D016.35  D019  Level 1 
D020  D339  Level 4 
D340  D349  Level 5 
D350  D699  Level 4 
D700  D999  Level 5 
All numbers prefixed with a 'J' (children's books)    Level 5 
001-999 UDC books Level 1 (closed access).
Use the store request form to ask for items. 


Where to find reference materials

Reference materials for all subjects except Law, and print journals for all subjects are stored on the moving shelves on Level 1.

Law reference materials are on Level 5.


Where to find Short Loan materials

All materials labelled 'Short Loan' in SUPrimo are stored in the Short Loan Collection on Level 3, next to the main enquiry desk.


Locations of other named collections

Library locations - named collections
CollectionsLocation in the Library
Atlas cases and shelves  Next to Law collection, Level 5. 
Children's books  Level 5
Company reports  Closed access. Use store request form. 
Giant picture books  Level 5 
Government publications  Level 1 
Government publications - store  Closed access. Use store request form. 
Law reports  Level 5 
Law serials  Level 1 
Maps Archives and Special Collections, Level 5. 
Media - CDs, DVDs and kits  School of Education Resources Centre, Level 5. 
Microform  Closed access. Use store request form. 

Today's editions are on Level 3, in the lounge area beside the security desk.

Back issues are stored on Level 2.

Royal Scottish Geographical Society - Lending Level 1 
Royal Scottish Geographical Society - Reference Archives and Special Collections, Level 5.
Royal Scottish Geographical Society - Serials Level 1 
Scottish Parliamentary Papers  Level 1 
Short Loan Collection  Next to the main enquiry desk, Level 3. 
Special Collections  Archives and Special Collections, Level 5. 
Store - Dewey books  Closed access. Use store request form. 
Store - Serials  Closed access. Use store request form. 
Strathclyde Collection  Archives and Special Collections, Level 5.
Theses    Closed access. Use thesis request form.
Waugh Jazz Records Archives and Special Collections. 


More help

Please ask a member of staff in the Library or contact us if you need help finding books or other resources in the Library.

If you struggle to move around the Library building and/or carry books and other materials, you may want to use our Fetch and Carry service.