AFRC announces two new partnership deals´╗┐

The University of Strathclyde’s Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC) is delighted to announce two new tier two membership deals with world-leading engineering companies, Prince International Corporation and Nikken Kosakusho Europe Ltd.


Prince International Corporation is a world-class producer of engineered additives for niche applications and a value-added processing intermediary between large global raw material suppliers and end-market customers. 

This new partnership will allow the AFRC to showcase Prince’s materials to its tier one and tier two partners and members.  In return, the company will provide the AFRC with its engineered coatings and consultancy support for the centre’s forging and forming related research.  Prince’s staff will provide experience and measurement capabilities to enhance the lubrication materials for these demanding high temperature processes. 

Martyn Barber, Metallurgical Product Specialist at Prince said: 

This is an exciting new venture for both parties. Working in partnership with the AFRC will allow us to strengthen our knowledge and add to our capabilities.  In turn, the AFRC will receive the benefits our evolving technical development program has to offer and this can be passed on to industry and its tier one and tier two members and partners.”

Similarly the new partnership with Nikken will benefit both parties.  Nikken Kosakusho Europe Ltd, a world leading company in precision engineering technology, will provide precision engineering equipment to the AFRC including a high performance CNC rotary table and high accuracy tooling.  In return, this new partnership will allow Nikken to gain exposure to new companies that the AFRC is working with as well as using the centre as a hub for precision engineering research in the UK.

Gary Williamson, Group Director and UK Manager at Nikken Kosakusho Europe Ltd.said:

This new membership will be beneficial to our company and the AFRC.   At Nikken, we offer an extensive product range combined with technical expertise, training and after sales service, to deliver a superior end-to-end experience that helps world renowned centres such as the AFRC continue to thrive in the global marketplace.”  

Dr Alaster McDonach, knowledge exchange fellow at the AFRC said:

At the AFRC, our priority is developing high quality and innovative technologies. Bringing on board new members such as Prince and Nikken, who are leaders in their respective fields, will help us build upon our world-class reputation in manufacturing research."