CGTech Ltd and the AFRC in new partnership deal

CGTech Ltd, a world leading software technology company, has signed up to be a tier two member of the University of Strathclyde’s Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC), part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult.

As part of the partnership, CGTech will provide its VERICUT virtual verification software and technical support to the AFRC’s machining team. VERICUT will ensure that the AFRC has robust programs to go onto its state of art machine tools and therefore reduce the chance of tooling collisions or geometric errors.

In return, this new partnership will allow CGTech to gain exposure to new companies that the AFRC is working with as well as using the chance to use the centre as a hub for VERICUT software in Scotland.

Tony Shrewsbury, managing director at CGTech Ltd said:  

This is an exciting new partnership for us at CGTech. The benefit of joining the AFRC is that we can now promote our VERICUT software to Scottish companies whilst providing the AFRC with access to our world leading software packages for its research.”

Stephen Fitzpatrick, senior manufacturing engineer at the AFRC said:

We are delighted with this partnership as it will benefit the AFRC on both an engineering and research level.  At an engineering level VERICUT will ensure that we have robust programmes to go onto our state of the art machine tools at the AFRC.

At a research level we are starting to discuss how CGTech’s virtual verification software can be incorporated with the augmented and virtual reality technology we have in house at the AFRC. This is a natural extension to CGTech’s software and an opportunity to advance the way machining setups and processes are presented on the shop floor.”