Advanced Materials Research LaboratoryAbout us

Housed in the department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at the University of Strathclyde since 2011, AMRL is a leading laboratory that offers a vast array of opportunities for standout research and knowledge exchange in materials engineering and science.

With a complete set of equipment, we provide full characterisation of material bulk or surface properties, covering physical, mechanical, chemical, thermal, topographical, compositional (elemental and molecular) and structural analyses.

We apply a wide range of techniques to:

  • Develop a comprehensive information suite about very complex material systems
  • Identify the relationship between manufacturing processes and materials’ microstructure and their properties
  • Investigate materials’ degradation behaviours
  • Benchmark the performance of the novel material solutions against established methods.

Our services vary from consultancy to commercial clients across all sectors of engineering to partnering with government and academic institutions in multidisciplinary research projects. In all cases, we are committed to playing a key role in the delivery of collaborative research and exploitation of new knowledge and skills.

Our core priority is to provide:

  • High level expertise, accurate results and effective turnaround
  • An independent and impartial service
  • Solutions tailored to specific requirements.