The AMRL is a world leading materials testing and research facility equipped with state of the art technology.

The Advanced Materials Research Laboratories (AMRL) is a state of the art facility based in the department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at the University of Strathclyde.  Since opening in 2011, after £4 million worth of investment, the centre has worked on countless research projects with a wide array of clients. The facility provides a wide range of opportunities for the development of world class research in materials science and engineering. The AMRL consists of two testing laboratories: materials characterisation/analysis and mechanical testing. The centre can conduct research and testing from all sectors of engineering and can offer nano-scale characterisation through to full-scale component testing. The AMRL works across the University and Industry to develop new technologies.

We work jointly with many corporate, government, academic and industrial organisations as research partners.

At the AMRL, we offer a wide range of analyses that include:

Our range of instruments allows us to work with clients across all fields of engineering. 

The AMRL works with many clients that include government, industrial and academic organisations to provide testing and consultancy services. 

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