Range of AnalysesMechanical testing

Instron testing suite

  • Two 8800 servo-hydraulic systems, dynamic loading capacity of ±250kN
  • Electropuls E3000, dynamic loading capacity of ±3kN
  • Electromechanical 5969, loading capacity up to 50kN
  • Measured properties include tension, compression, axial fatigue, 3- or 4-point bending, shear, creep, galling and fracture toughness (SENT or SENB)
  • Testing between -150°C and 1000°C
  • Video extensometer for contactless measurements
  • Fatigue can be carried out also in bespoke environment (e.g. saline solution).

Hardness measurements

  • The Qness 60A+ measures hardness with three supported test methods: Vickers, Knoop and Brinell hardness
  • Automatic feature for hardness mapping
  • Load capability between 0.25g-60kg
  • Many applications such as tooth flank testing, identical sample tests and microscopy and weld sample testing and analysis.

Rotary bending fatigue

  • Three R.R. Moore rigs for rotary bending fatigue
  • Number of cycles to failure up to 100 million
  • Frequency up to 100Hz
  • Furnaces available for applications up to 1000°C
  • Tests can be carried out in bespoke environments (e.g. saline solution).

Impact testing

  • Tinius Olsen IT503 bench system with either Charpy or Izod configuration and 25J capacity
  • Losenhausenwerk system with over 290J capacity
  • Both systems fully comply with the specifications outlined in ASTM E23, BS EN ISO 148-3, BS EN ISO 148-2 and ISO 442
  • Testing can be completed at sub-ambient and elevated temperatures.

Instron mechanical testing instrument

test samples prepared for testing within a bespoke environment e.g saline solution

Test samples in saline solution prepared for testing

galling test set up

Galling test set-up