Digital Health and Wellness Research Group (DHaWG)PhD study

We have a large group of multidisciplinary, home and international PhD students:

Factors Influencing the Advancement of Digital Health Interventions for Children and Young People in Low to Middle Income Countries: The Case of South Sudan

Carolina Wani, supervised by Dr Lisa McCann and Dr Marilyn Lennon

Intervention to support community-based reporting and integration of patient-reported outcome measures through the use of technology for dementia.

David Kernaghan, supervised by Prof Roma Maguire, Dr Kieren Egan, Prof Marion Bennie

Tools to support quality of life decisions for Haemodialysis Patients

Ramsay Meiklem, supervised by Dr Mark Dunlop and Prof Alexander Morton in collaboration with QEUH.


Co-designing wearable solutions for supporting people living with PoTS

Rachel Sales supervised by Dr Marilyn Lennon and Dr Martin Halvey

Data analytics for proactive personalised telecare services in Scotland

Euan Anderson supervised by Dr Marilyn Lennon and Dr Kim Kavanagh

The impact of sedentary behaviour and physical activity on the management of type 2 diabetes in older adults living in Kuwait

Dina Eskanrandi supervised by Dr Alison Kirk and Dr Marilyn Lennon

Developing recommendations for a data driven intervention to support physical activity promotion in Type 2 diabetes care

William Hodgson supervised by Dr Alison Kirk and Dr Marilyn Lennon

Social media analysis of self-management within online diabetes communities

Salma Rayan supervised by Dr Viktor Dorfler and Dr Marilyn Lennon

Data Driven Relationships Between Activity Tracking and Health Conditions

Craig Speirs supervised by Dr Mark Dunlop and Dr Marc Roper

An investigation into mobile and smartwatch apps to support city mobility for people with Down’s syndrome

Al Majed Khan, supervised by Dr Mark Dunlop and Dr Marilyn Lennon

The Pharmaceutical Care of Older People with Sensory Impairment (OPwSI)

Brenda Morrison supervised by Prof Mags Watson and Marilyn Lennon

Explainable Artificial Intelligence in Radiotherapy: A CT imaging based neural network autonomous system for clinical decision support used in automatic radiation dose calculation for Lung Carcinoma.

Hristo Petkov supervised by Prof Feng Dong and Prof Roma Maguire

The role of cognitive behavioural therapy as an adjunct to the treatment of patients with asthma, with a focus on remote delivery via app development and other technology.

Colin Stewart supervised by Prof Roma Maguire and Dr Nicola Cogan

Improving hepatocellular cancer risk detection with explainable and trustworthy AI

Lewis Winters supervised by Prof Roma Maguire

The safety and efficacy of technology in the follow-up of head and neck cancer patients following treatment completion.

Kate Hulse supervised by Prof Roma Maguire.

Walking back to happiness: recording, sharing and wellbeing on pilgrimage routes

Keith Munro supervised by Dr Perla Innocenti.

Assessing ethical risks in information systems

Anwar Alfakhr supervised by Dr Perla Innocenti.

Predictive Algorithms for Electric Vehicle Public Charger Availability

Adel Ali Mohamed Dadaa supervised by Dr Mark Dunlop

Encouragement and Fairness in On-Line Crowdsourcing

Huda Banuqitah supervised by Dr Mark Dunlop.

Upskilling and Educations

MSc in Digital Health Systems