3rd Climate and Sustainability Project (CASP) Workshop - Agenda 2030: Building Bridges

The third Annual Climate and Sustainability Project (CASP) Workshop took place on 5 May 2017 and was organized by SCELG Master students with the support of SCELG Co-Director Francesco Sindico and SCELG member Daniela Diz. This year's workshop theme was "Agenda 2030: Building Bridges", focusing on synergies across different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as mainstreaming of relevant international policy and legal instruments, such as the Paris Agreement and the Convention on Biological Diversity, in the implementation of the SDGs.

The workshop features two distinguished keynote speakers. Mr. Mike Robinson, Chief Executive of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, explained the development of climate change policy and law in Scotland, highlighting the role of civil society, broad-based stakeholder engagement and scientific information. Mrs. Lisa Mead, Director of the Earth Law Alliance, focused on Earth Jurisprudence and systems thinking, noting the carrying capacity of the Earth in reference to its nine planetary boundaries.

In a group exercise, discussions focused on SDG synergies in four scenarios related to:  sustainable cities, energy, food production, and responsible consumption and production. A concluding plenary discussion, which counted with the presence of Prof. Jeremie Gilbert (University of East London), Mr. Mike Robinson, and SCELG Co-Director Elisa Morgera, highlighted the need for collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches for seizing the momentum around the SDGs to advance human rights-based approaches to sustainable development. 

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