Announcing the 2018 Festival of Environmental Law & Governance

April 2018: The 2018 Festival of Environmental Law and Governance takes place from 30th April - 4th May 2018. A series of events over 5 days will explore current challenges and new directions across all aspects and levels of environmental law. The exciting programme of events, listed below, promises to showcase the research and global partnerships of SCELG, provoke discussion, and give the opportunity to network with colleagues and experts in the field.

One Ocean Hub: Development Workshop

This two-day event aims to develop interdisciplinary research collaboration(s) on a variety of threats to ocean health and the related challenges to sustainable development. The event will take as its starting point the outcome of the 2017 UN Ocean Conference “Our Ocean, Our Future: Call for Action” and the inter-disciplinary research findings coordinated by the Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law and Governance (SCELG) on SDG 14 “Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources.”

Invitation only.

The Ocean's Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

This roundtable will discuss the latest science and policy developments on the ocean and its importance for life on earth, in particular for the achievement of multiple Sustainable Development Goals. The event will be opened by the Principal, Professor Sir Jim McDonald, and gather marine science, policy and legal experts from the UK, the Caribbean, Africa and the South Pacific.

Speakers will illustrate how our understanding of the oceans and marine life, as well as their importance for human wellbeing and sustainable development, has progressed. They will illuminate current threats to ocean health and possible solutions to ensure that the ocean is used sustainably and protected where needed. Speakers will also discuss the most recent developments in the global governance of the ocean and continuing challenges for decision-makers at the international, regional, national and local levels.

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Brexit, the Environment and Human Rights: Turning Risks into Opportunities?

This workshop will provide an opportunity to learn about recent initiatives to assess the risks to the environment and human rights arising from Brexit, and to identify opportunities to strengthen both environmental and human rights protection in Scotland and the UK.

Keynote speakers include Ian Jardine (Scottish Government - National Adviser on Environmental Policy) and Prof Alan Miller, Chair of the First Minister’s Advisory Group on Human Rights Leadership. Ann Humble (Head of Evidence and Analysis, Welsh Government), and Tom West and Anne Friel (ClientEarth)

Invitation only.

VI Strathclyde Postgraduate Colloquium on Environmental Law and Governance

This 2 day colloquium provides an opportunity for Post Docs, Ph.D., MPhil and LLM students engaged in research within environmental law and governance to present and discuss their work with leading law academics and colleagues, as well as network with other peers working within this area of law. The Colloquium offers two types of presentations: oral presentations and poster presentations.

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Public Lecture - Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities of Litigation

Climate Change is a global challenge that is increasingly brought before national tribunals. Building on a global project exploring climate change litigation in over 40 countries, this public lecture will discuss why climate change cases before national tribunals are on the rise, highlighting examples from around the world and discussing where else this is likely to happen next, and why. The public lecture will be delivered by Dr Francesco Sindico and Dr Joana Setzer will be acting as a discussant.

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Global Environmental Law and Governance: Career and Partnership Opportunities

How are international, European and UK institutions and actors addressing global environmental issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss and land grabbing and promoting sustainable development through law and governance?

This will be an interactive and informal roundtable where participants will share their current projects in environmental law and governance at the international, EU and national levels, explore areas of common interest and potential ideas for future collaborations, as well as provide tips to students on career prospects and jobs in the area of environmental law and governance. There will also be the chance to hear from PhD students who have undertaken internships or collaborative studentships with external organisations.

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New Frontiers in Space Law

This 2 hour Masterclass, led by Nicholas Puschman (SCELG LLM Alumni), will include a 1 hour introduction to space law and how it fits into public international law and provide comparative analysis of space law, law of the sea, air law, the Antarctic treaty regime and the ITU framework under the theme of 'global commons'. This will feed into an interactive roundtable discussion (10 min each) focusing on ‘hot topics’ in the fields of space law today.

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University of Strathclyde Engage Week 2018

The university will be running events all throughout engage week 2018. This includes the Images of Research contests, which features shortlisted entries from SCELG members.