Edward Elgar prize for the best Strathclyde LLM Global Environmental Law and Governance dissertation

16 March 2021 – 11 / 12:15 AM

Mar 2021 — Please join us to celebrate the award of the 2020-21 Edward Elgar prize for the best Strathclyde LLM Global Environmental Law and Governance dissertation to joint winners Nicola Sharman and Meet Kaur. At the event, representatives from the publishing house, Edward Elgar, will present both Nicola and Meet with the award after which the two winners will talk about their research and answer questions around their topic. The event will be chaired by Francesco Sindico, Programme Leader of the LLM Global Environmental Law and Governance and Director of the Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law and Governance.

Meet Kaur

The impact of different types of Regulatory Chill on State Governments entering into International Investment Agreements and how it might affect cities’ ability to regulate for climate action without impediment or risk to the cities or the State.


Meet Kaur is a senior advocate & solicitor (Singapore) with a keen interest in international environmental law, climate change law, international investment law & sustainable development. She was in private practice for many years and most recently served in government as General Counsel to the Building & Construction Authority of Singapore for 12 years. Her previous experience drew her towards the impacts of international trade agreements on cities' ability to regulate for climate change. She is committed to supporting governments and NGOs to expedite climate resilient, equitable, and sustainable development. 

Nicola Sharman

Accelerating and Enhancing Inter-State Climate Technology Transfer: The Potential Value of a Benefit-Sharing Approach

Prior to her LLM at Strathclyde, Nicola Sharman practiced as a property law solicitor in Scotland. Her exposure to the renewables sector through this work inspired her to pursue further study of environmental law and she has since developed a particularly keen interest in international climate change law and procedural justice. Nicola currently acts as a research assistant with SCELG and hopes to continue to grow a career in environmental legal research. 

Attend the prize giving 

To register to attend the prize giving ceremony, please send an email to scelg@strath.ac.uk.