Prof Morgera at UN course on Multilateral Environmental Agreement Negotiations

Sep 2021 — Prof Elisa Morgera, One Ocean Hub Director, was invited to contribute to the 17th edition of the annual Course on Multilateral Environmental Agreement Negotiations, organised by the UN Environment Programme and the University of Eastern Finland under the theme ‘The Post-2020 Biodiversity Agenda.’ This is a high-profile two-week course on international environmental law-making and diplomacy for present and future negotiators of multilateral environmental agreements to foster cooperation between developed and developing countries and taking stock of recent developments in the negotiation and implementation of multilateral environmental agreements, with a view to improving environmental governance worldwide. 

Prof Morgera also delivered a seminar on synergies between international biodiversity law and international human rights law on 21st September 2021, which included BENELEX findings on human rights and biodiversity, as well as recent findings from the One Ocean Hub on the nexus between the ocean and human rights, including children’s human rights. The video-recording is available at: 

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