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Human rights

We investigate the points of contact and tension between environmental law (international, national and EU law) and human rights. We explore such intersection from theoretical points of view as well as following international negotiations of relevant multilateral agreements and national and international policies. We provide consultancies on a number of human rights and the environment issues, including for the elaboration of best practice guidelines and reports.

We are particularly interested in:

  • the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities as the holders of traditional knowledge and as ecosystem stewards/biocultural rights
  • the right to water
  • the right to food
  • the right to development
  • the right to health
  • the right to science
  • the right to a healthy environment and its relationship with human dignity
  • the right to land
  • procedural rights (access to information, participation in decision-making, access to justice) and environmental assessments
  • human rights and climate justice
  • digital rights

We collaborate with a number of international partners, among which:

We are actively involved in supporting the elaboration of international guidelines, sustainable development projects and provide support to international and national NGOs, community-based organizations, international organizations, and governments before international courts. For example, are involved in the Scottish Task Force on Human Rights proving expertise, in particular, on the right to a healthy environment and its intersections with other human rights. 

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