Prof Morgera Invited to Contribute to Scottish “Open Government” National Action Plan

Sep 2021 — Prof Elisa Morgera was invited to contribute to a roundtable discussion on 2nd September on how Scotland can ensure that a rights-based approach is embodied in its third Open Government National Action Plan, developed in collaboration between the Scottish Government and civil society. The roundtable discussed how human rights thinking can underpin the vision for Open Government for the next 4 years of the development of the Action Plan’s Strategic Overview, and more generally how human rights can be routinely considered at the beginning of policy developments in Scotland. 

Edinburgh: seat of the Scottish Government. Image by Gabriele Stravinskaite via Unsplash 

Prof Morgera emphasised the need to ensure information sharing across different sectors of the Scottish Government with a view to pooling public resources towards the protection of the human right to a healthy environment, and enhancing accountability and opportunities for right-holders to participate in relevant decision-making processes. She also recommended addressing the priorities of climate change and health equality in the broader context of their inter-dependencies with other areas of environmental protection (biodiversity, toxics). Prof Morgera’s contributions built on the lessons learnt from the roundtables on the human right to a healthy environment organized under the National Task Force on Human Rights Leadership in 2020-2021. 

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