"We are the sea...we must wake up to this ancient truth...It is time to create things for ourselves, to create established standards of excellence that match those of our ancestors."

It is with this spirit that the ONE OCEAN Hub will transform our response to the urgent challenges facing our ocean. The Hub will weave learning from the ocean, and traditional knowledge of the peoples who rely upon it, with scientific excellence, innovative legal approaches and artistic methods.

The vision of the Hub is integrated ocean governance for equitable and inclusive sustainability. Four specific objectives will guide research at global, regional (Africa, South Pacific, Caribbean) and national levels (South Africa, Namibia, Ghana, Fiji, Solomon Islands): 

  • to connect norms across sectors at all levels, to enhance the implementation of international law (SDG 17.13-14); protect the rights of, and empower, vulnerable communities, women and youth to shape ocean governance at different levels; and strengthen LMICs’ voice in international fora;
  • to integrate knowledge systems across sectors and scales to collaboratively advance ocean stewardship, science and governance to predict, prevent and manage negative environmental, economic and socio-cultural impacts, including in data- and technology-constrained contexts; to enable dialogue across sectors and communities on the basis of improved understanding of “hidden” trade-offs across competing sectors and different values and (world)views, and through emotional (re)engagement of diverse actors with the ocean; and
  • to empower sustainable and fair partnerships, so that decisions regarding the conservation of the ocean and its uses support fair and equitable sharing of benefits that enhance the wellbeing, resilience and livelihoods of vulnerable groups.

Hub Research Programmes: