Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law & GovernanceAreas of Expertise


We are investigating how energy law can contribute to a more sustainable society. We are particularly interested in:

  • community ownerships of renewable energy
  • sustainable energy governance
  • electricity regulation
  • carbon capture and storage
  • unconventional energy
  • energy in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals, including its relationship with climate change mitigation

“The Scottish Government has a well-established framework for energy policy including ambitious renewable targets, clear plans to boost energy efficiency and the most stretching emissions-reduction targets in the world.” Scottish Government


  • Aileen McHarg has co-edited a book published by Oxford University Press on The Law of Energy Underground
  • The BeneLex team is investigating renewable energy in the context of community benefit-sharing
  • We're actively involved in the field of executive training with courses on oil and gas, and climate change and energy


Check our publications in the area of energy here.