SCELG Dialogues


  • K McKenzie and F Sindico, Climate Change Litigation: Recent Trends, the Global South, Human Rights and Rights of Nature, SCELG Dialogue 11/2020.


  • F Sindico, From Climate Strikes to Climate Solutions, SCELG Dialogue 10/2019
  • I Offor and J Gibson, What can Lawyers do for Animals? Education in and practice of animal law in Scotland –Event Report, SCELG Dialogue 9/2019
  • I Offor, Animal Welfare, Bilateral Trade Agreements, and Sustainable Development Goal Two, SCELG Dialogue 8/2019


  • F Sindico and K McKenzie, Human Rights Thresholds in the Context of Climate Change: A Litigation Perspective in the Wake of the IPCC Special Report on 1.5˚C or the Week in which Everything Changed…, SCELG Dialogue 07/2018
    F Sindico and S Switzer, The Transformation of Environmental Law and Governance: Risk, Innovation and Resilience, SCELG Dialogue 06/2018
  • F Sindico, Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals: The Need for Mutual Supportiveness, SCELG Dialogue 05/2018



  • F Sindico, Is the Paris Agreement really legally binding?, SCELG Dialogue 03/2015
  • M Orme, F Sindico, Z Cuthbert, J Gibson, R Bostic, Good Transboundary Water Governance and the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals, SCELG Dialogue 02/2015
  • C Murdoch, Rights Based Approach to Conservation: Can legal trade provide the protection endangered species require?, SCELG Dialogue 01/2015