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Computer & Information Sciences Digital health & wellness

Our research group and activities are multidisciplinary and span computing science, information science, psychology, engineering, social science, behaviour sciences, and health informatics.

Our research interests and work includes looking at the full development lifecycle of truly person-centered digital health & wellness services and products. We have extensive experience of designing with, and for patients, consumers, citizens and health and social care professionals. We are working on several projects with charities, NHS, industry and public sector bodies to develop usable and effective digital health & wellness products and services to reduce inequalities, improve people’s lives and transform the way health and care is delivered and accessed globally.

Research areas

  • Designing and prototyping new mobile and wearable devices for health and wellness
  • Empirical investigation and development of novel forms of interaction (tangibles, wearables, haptics, speech)
  • Development of usable and accessible health content, websites, apps and interventions
  • Evidence based qualitative and quantitative evaluation of interactive digital health & wellness products and services both in the lab and at scale and in the real world context

Current research topics

  • e-Prehabilitation system of care
  • Development of interactive tangible toys for educating young children with Type 1 Diabetes
  • Understanding the information needs of visually impaired young people
  • Empirical investigation and user-centred development of touch-screen text entry methods for older adults
  • Design and development of a mobile app for self-management of chemotherapy symptoms
  • An analysis of social media use by NHS Scotland to promote key public health messages
  • Understanding the information needs of young first time mothers from areas of multiple deprivation  
  • Exploring the ethics, privacy and security perceptions and practices in mobile health and wellness smartphone app development

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