Flexible Networks for a Low Carbon Future´╗┐

This project seeks to trial a combination of smart network interventions and customer energy efficiency measures at three network locations. The objective is to demonstrate how they can release capacity on the HV network, allowing greater take up of low carbon technologies without the need for expensive network reinforcement. These technologies include solar PV, heat pumps and EV charging points. The project also intends to encourage specific I&C customers to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings to reduce their electricity demand.

The results from these trials have the potential to inform future network planning and operational practices. This project will help DNOs more accurately assess operational plant ratings using dynamic techniques and how best to actively control the network at the EHV/HV level. It aims to provide evidence of the capacity headroom available in existing networks that can be used before traditional network reinforcement needs to take place. This will enable networks to connect more customers and plan network reinforcement activities so that it happens only when genuinely needed.

´╗┐More information can be found at Flexible Networks for a Low Carbon Future website.