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Electronic & Electrical EngineeringMultiple-input & multiple-output (MIMO) systems group

We analyse and design novel space-time processing techniques for applications in communications, audio and acoustics. We have a particular interest in the broadband aspects of MIMO systems, including the following techniques:

  • Adaptive digital signal processors, in particular equalisation of broadband MIMO systems
  • Multi-rate signal processing and filter bank methods for transceivers
  • Advanced linear algebraic techniques for the factorisation of broadband MIMO systems
  • Optimum precoding and equalisation, including non-linear approaches and bit/power loading
  • Low-complexity implementations

Current research topics

Some of our current research topics include:

  • Adaptive noise cancellation and beamforming techniques for microphone arrays in handheld devices
  • Digital power amplifiers with non-linear compensation for high-quality audio
  • Equalisation for space-time coded broadband MIMO communications channels

Our research employs a series of novel techniques to address practical imaging problems. This can be applied to:

  • Biological image processing
  • Medical image enhancement
  • Astronomical image processing
  • Bank document analysis
  • Robotic vehicle guidance
  • Logical image processing
  • Image sharpening
  • Image restoration
  • Hyperspectral imaging applications
  • Colour image balancing
  • Feature tracking
  • Genomic signal processing