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Management science Operations & supply chain management

Operations & supply chain management

Our interest in operations & supply chain management covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • operations strategy
  • service operations management
  • innovation in operations
  • new technology for operations
  • healthcare operations management
  • project management
  • performance measurement
  • enterprise resource planning
  • logistics optimisation
  • supply chain risk modelling
We work closely with a range of both private and public sector organisations, applying theory to real-world problems.

Our current work

PhD opportunities

Academic staff active in this area may be available to supervise PhDs on the above topics.

Dr Robert Van der Meer

Robert has a broad research interest in operations strategy, innovation in operations and the implementation of new technology, such as automation and robotics.

He's currently working on a range of innovation projects in the National Health Service in Scotland, including methods to improve patient flow. He uses a multi-methodology approach to research, which may involve both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Together with Peter Flett, Robert is interested in practical research into project management. Working with Ann Hou he also has an interest in the effective implementation of modern ERP systems.

Dr Farhad Shafti

Farhad’s ongoing and recently focused research interests include the following:

 Conceptualising and measuring productivity in service organisations

The concept of productivity in service has been a subject of extensive debate during the last two decades. Recent research suggests integrating the traditional concept of productivity with the customer’s view of productivity as one total measure for productivity in services.

As interesting these ideas are, they are not yet put into practice. Farhad has published a number of papers on service productivity and is aiming to test new ideas on service productivity in practice.

Beyond performance measurement

Recent work on performance measurement has managed to go beyond organisational performance by looking at supply chains and also at environmental (green) concerns. The argument of this track of research is that while all this is very beneficial, there are more gains to be sought by expanding the scope of studying the performance of an organisation even further.

Farhad aims to explore the possibility of studying the long-time effects of the performance of an organisation on the society that it operates and the well-being of the members of the society. This may mean compromising on achieving accurate measurements for the sake of exploring wider and often less tangible effects of performance.

Farhad is interested in applications from prospective PhD students relating to any of the following subjects or topics related to them:

  • Conceptualising and operationalising productivity in service organisations
  • Social effects of organisational performance
  • Effect of culture on managing services or customer satisfaction
  • Exploring specific features of services related to arts and media

Dr Kerem Akartunali, Dr Ashwin Arulselvan

Members of the optimisation group are interested in developing theory and solution methods for challenging optimisation problems stemming from various applications that include transportation and logistics eg developing routing strategies for urban delivery companies or planning freight transportation on railways.

Topics that Kerem is currently working on include:

  • network design for healthcare distribution systems
  • extended formulations and valid inequalities for lot-sizing in remanufacturing
  • production planning in manufacturing
  • offshore windfarm installation logistics optimisation

Ashwin has been working on a number of network optimisation problems inherent in telecommunication networks and evacuation modelling for disasters or big events. More recently, he's also been working on developing algorithms for production planning problems stemming from the remanufacturing sector.

Professor Lesley WallsProfessor John Quigley

Lesley and John are interested in statistical and applied probability modelling for support decision making under uncertainty. Together they're currently working on a large research project in the area of supply chain risk modelling.