Faculty of Science

Key staff

Prof David Littlejohn Dean of Science
Vice Deans
Dr Debbie Willison Vice Dean (Academic)
Dr John Liggat Vice Dean (Knowledge Exchange)
Prof Robert Martin Vice Dean (Research)
Associate Deans
Dr Louise Kelly Associate Dean (Admissions & Recruitment)
Dr Nigel Langford Associate Dean (International Student Recruitment)
Prof Peter Cormack Associate Dean (International Research)
Dr Katharine Carter Associate Dean (Knowledge Exchange)
Dr Barry Moore Associate Dean (Knowledge Exchange)
Dr John Levine Associate Dean (Learning Enhancement)
Prof Yvonne Perrie Associate Dean (Research)
Faculty/Dean's Office
Ms Bronagh Dallat Faculty Manager
Ms Elaine Hurley Assistant Faculty Manager
Mr Mark Wilber Recruitment Manager
Miss Jemma MacLellan Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator
Ms Angela Kelsey Knowledge Exchange & Research Coordinator
Mrs Cheryl Beattie  PGT Recruitment & Admissions Coordinator
Mr Alistair Gilmour PA to Dean/Faculty Office Administrator
Miss Julia McQuade Administrative Assistant
Mr Ross Bullen Clerical Assistant