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Strathclyde-GSKCollaborative community

Our landmark collaboration counts over 180 research students.

The Strathclyde-GSK partnership represents a uniquely synergistic, distinct, and fresh approach to collaborative research that takes the existing partnerships between academia and industry to a new level.

The developed framework has led to the establishment and rapid enablement of new synthetic methods and novel technologies relating to medicinal chemistry and preparative chemical processes, and has expedited the trajectory towards the development of novel therapeutic agents which address unmet societal healthcare needs.

Initial collaborations covered a range of Chemistry-related disciplines but the framework now extends to Biology and Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK), with research students engaged in an array of individual fields including: Synthetic, Medicinal, Process, Analytical, and Computational Chemistry, as well as Informatics, DMPK, and across the Biological Sciences.

Our research students are based primarily in the UK but also with participation from researchers located in and from the USA, Spain, Singapore, France, and Brazil.