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Strathclyde Cyber Security Group (StrathCyber)

About Us

The Strathclyde Cyber Security Group (StrathCyber) takes a holistic approach to cybersecurity which encompasses technical, human, societal and organisational perspectives. We collaborate with academics, industry, Government and Third Sector organisations, producing internationally recognised research that makes a difference. We welcome PhD students from across the world, and teach Undergraduate and Masters students.


11 members of the StrathCyber research group posing for a group photo in the sunshine.

Above research group away day photo August 2022. Photo by Musa Bello. Top row: Jeff Yan, Tochukwu Umeasiegbu, Ryan Shah, Ryan Gibson, Wendy Moncur, Karen Renaud, Rose English, Diane Morrow. Bottom row: Mujeeb Ahmed, Daniel Thomas, Juraj Sikra. Also attending: Amin Sahebi, Rufai Ahmad.

Incomplete pending updates, please see pure for the full listing of over 30 people.

Our research areas

We have internationally visible expertise and track records in both human factors and technical aspects of cybersecurity and privacy. Interdisciplinary research is no exception but the norm in the group. Our ongoing research covers a wide range of topics as follows.

  • Human factors and human behaviours in security and privacy;
  • Cybercrime, measurement and policy;
  • Security economics, law and regulation;
  • Botnets, malware and intrusion analysis;
  • Side channels;
  • Cyber Physical Systems;
  • Internet of Things;
  • Network and communication systems;
  • Resilience of software-defined networks and critical Infrastructures;
  • Trust, identity and anonymity;
  • Digital forensics;
  • Applied crypto and cryptanalysis;
  • Cyber safety and diplomacy;
  • Cybersecurity and Society.

Publications & Grants

An up to date list of both publications and current and prior grants are on pure.

Study with us

Undergraduate courses

CS101 Topics in Computing: Topic 2: Use and abuse of power in technology

CS407 Computer Security

CS808 Security Fundamentals

GA in IT and Software Development (Undergrad) – 2 modules

Masters Courses

GA MSc in Cybersecurity

PhDs in Cybersecurity

PhD scholarships are advertised on an ad-hoc basis, on Twitter @StrathCyber and on the website. Self-funded students should contact their preferred supervisor in the first instance.

Our PhD students undertake a wide range of cybersecurity research, ranging from the very technical (e.g. side channels, adversarial machine learning) to human-oriented (e.g. blame cultures in corporate security). Students come from a wide range of backgrounds, including CS, EE, economics, law, psychology, and journalism.

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