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We offer innovative teaching by experts who are actively researching in their topic of study. You'll also have the opportunity to enter the research environment during projects that might make a real difference to people’s lives and make an impact on modern society.

Hear from our Alumni

Gaetan Dias Mirandela

Undertaking a PhD at the Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Science helped me to develop and expand my skills from an academic and industrial perspective. I had excellent supervision from Dr Arnaud Javelle and a project which lead me to collaborate with different universities and companies both within the UK and across Europe. My work has been recognised and published in high-impact peer-reviewed journals. Finally, the University of Strathclyde has provided me with the best environment to shape my professional career in Science.

Leena Kerr

My PhD studies at Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences under the supervision of Prof. Paul Hoskisson, allowed me to conduct world leading research and innovation. The state-of-art building and facilities provided the perfect surroundings to support high quality, interdisciplinary work, and the open space laboratories and offices ensured a vibrant and lively atmosphere, where I felt being a valued member of the research community. Throughout my PhD, I had several opportunities to attend conferences and seminars, and to present my research in UK, Europe and overseas. I enjoyed acting as the Managing Director of a team that participated in the Biotechnology Young Entrepreneurs Scheme, a programme aimed at the commercialisation of bioscientific research. I also participated in Voice of the Future event at the House of Commons. The experience of conducting scientific research, publishing peer-reviewed articles and communicating my research, prepared me well for the next stage on my career. My advice for future PhD students would be the following: self-motivation, persistence to keep on going, and patience to wait for the best, are the key to success.

Shilan Jabbar

Let me tell you something special about SIPBS - as an international student, I was worried about the new culture before coming to the UK but when I arrived in SIPBS and started my lab work, I found myself with a new family which made the long hours in the lab enjoyable. To all students I say “Be proud of being a member of the SIPBS family. A Perfect environment for research”