Dr Rogelia Pastor-Castro

Knowledge Exchange Fellow


Personal statement

Director M.Sc. Diplomacy and International Security

I am a Lecturer in International History and my main research interest is the history of international relations since 1940 focusing upon British and French foreign policies. I am particularly interested in the origins of the cold war, post-war European security and integration, and the role of ambassadors and the resident embassy. My research informs the teaching on twentieth century European history and post-war strategies and alliances. 

I am currently working on a three-year AHRC research project ‘The Weight of the Past in Franco-British Relations’

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I am the Treasurer of the British International History Group and as a committee member I liaise with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and The National Archives on matters relating to declassification and digitisation of records.

I have organised a number of events bringing historians and diplomats together and I have been invited to speak to Military Intelligence.

Embassies in Crisis British Academy

The History, Role and Functions of the British Embassy in Paris  Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Britain and France in War and Peace, in conjunction British Embassy in Paris and l’Institut Français, London.

I speak about history and foreign policy in an interview with Women in Foreign Policy.



Has expertise in:

    • International History in the twentieth century
    • Cold War Europe
    • The resident embassy: history, role and function
    • Franco-British relations in the twentieth century
    • French foreign policy since 1919
    • British foreign policy and the cold war


The Paris Embassy : British Ambassadors and Anglo French Relations
Pastor-Castro Rogelia, Young John
Oliver Harvey, 1948-1954
Pastor-Castro Rogelia
The Paris Embassy British Ambassadors and Anglo-French Relations (2013) (2013)
Rene Massigli : the view from the french embassy in London, 1945-1954
Pastor-Castro R
21st Annual Conference of the British International History Group (2013)
René Massigli’s Mission to London, 1944–1954
Pastor-Castro Rogelia
Diplomacy and Statecraft Vol 24, pp. 1-20 (2013)
The Quai d'Orsay and the European defence community crisis of 1954
Pastor-Castro R
History Vol 91, pp. 386-400 (2006)

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I teach Twentieth Century International History.


• Western and Central Europe in the Twentieth Century

• Cold War Europe

• Britain, France and European Unity

I also contribute to a variety of modules:

• History - 20th Century British History

• Historiography ad Research Methods

• French 1a - France in a Global Context


• Diplomacy, Strategy and Alliance: Britain, France and the United States 1945-1958

• Sources, Skills and Methods for Historians

Research interests

My research mainly focuses on Anglo-French relations and the defence of cold war Europe. This involves examining the diplomatic and strategic considerations with regard to differing conceptions of security on both sides of the Channel. I am interested in the social and political context in which security policies are made. Recent work examined the role of the resident embassy and the impact of ambassadors. My co-edited volume on The Paris Embassy: British Ambassadors and Anglo-French Relations, 1944-79, was the basis for a Witness Seminar at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office entitled The History, Role and Functions of the British Embassy in Paris.

My work is based on research at various archives including The National Archives, Kew, Archives Diplomatiques, Paris, the National Archives, Washington.

I am currently working on a Royal Society of Edinburgh Research Network Award on a project exploring Relations between Britain and France in World War Two.

I am the Treasurer of the British International History Group 

Conferences and Projects:

Embassis in Crisis, British Academy in conjunction with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

France and the Second World War in Global Perspective, 1919-45, University of Strathclyde (2-3 July 2015), in conjunction with Global War Studies

Britain and France in War and Peace, in conjunction with the British Embassy in Paris and l'Institut Français, London  


Professional activities

Peace making after the First World War
History at the Heart of Diplomacy
Crises of Diplomatic Practice
Britain, France and Europe: Reassessments
Western Security Conference, Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Franco-British Council Annual Defence Conference

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The Weight of the Past in Franco-British Relations
Pastor-Castro, Rogelia (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2018 - 31-Jan-2021
Britain and France in War and Peace
Varley, Karine (Academic) Pastor-Castro, Rogelia (Academic)
Strathclyde - ESRC Project Linked Transition DTG | Green, David
Heimann, Mary (Principal Investigator) Pastor-Castro, Rogelia (Co-investigator) Green, David (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2009 - 30-Jan-2014

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