Age-Friendly Academy


The Age-Friendly Academy was launched at the University of Strathclyde in 2017 as part of the University’s commitment to being an Age-Friendly University - part of a growing international network of universities that encourage positive ageing through research and provision. For Strathclyde, this underpins our founding principle of providing “a place of useful learning, open to all”. We have a unique, life-course approach to learning and opportunity and aim to offer something of interest to anyone, regardless of age

As part of a consortium of Age Friendly Universities, led by Dublin City University, we are committed to 10 principles that aim to enhance the lives of older adults through offering renowned learning opportunities, undertaking innovative research, intergenerational work, promoting career development and enterprise for older adults and forming partnerships to enhance community engagement.

We have identified the following 5 key areas as part of the Academy. The AFA is constantly evolving and we are keen to work on new collaborative partnerships both internally and externally. Read more on the links below to find out more and how you can get involved: