Research and Innovation


Research is of central importance at the University of Strathclyde. As part of this landscape, we are committed to ageing-related research and innovation projects and have expertise in this field relating to psychology, education, and computer and information science.

You can view some highlights of our current age-related research projects here.

Strathclyde Ageing Network

In 2015, the School of Psychology set up the Strathclyde Ageing Network (SAN) in order to share and discuss ageing-related research being conducted throughout the university, from a variety of perspectives and disciplines. The SAN now has over 30 members and has supported knowledge exchange beyond the University of Strathclyde to other academic institutions and the wider community, including the Private, Public and Third Sectors. A list of SAN members and areas of expertise can be viewed here.

European Projects

The Centre for Lifelong Learning is currently a partner in several European Erasmus+ projects related to ageing and demographic change. Current and recent projects undertaken by the Centre for Lifelong Learning can be viewed here.

Get Involved

We would like to invite generally healthy, independently living older adults to become volunteer members of our older adult participant panel.

We regularly carry out research investigating the influence of ageing on abilities such as memory and attention. By having a database of older adults, our research can progress more efficiently.

You would be asked to provide your name, address, telephone number, email address (if you have one), gender, and date of birth and would then receive invitations from us to participate in individual studies.


  • 65 years and older
  • generally healthy and living independently
  • able to travel to the University to take part in research

 Please contact Dr Louise Brown on to register your interest.