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Strathclyde Institute for Genealogical Studies leads on the creation of new ‘Papal Dispensations for Marriage’ database.

Strathclyde Institute for Genealogical Studies are developing an online database of papal dispensations for marriage, intended for use in genealogical investigation.

At present, the Papal dispensations granted for marriages in Britain and Ireland between those related within the prohibited degrees and covering the period 1198 to 1534 are not available in a single place online.

The ‘Papal Dispensations for Marriage Project’ funded by the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, will focus on the creation of a database that will initially cover volumes 1 to 20 and volume 23 part 1, (all volumes published to date) by extracting entries relating to marriage – specifically papal dispensations for marriage – from the published calendars of papal registers/letters in a consistent format, to develop a searchable online database.

The aim of the project is the creation of an easily accessible online relational database that would be useful for academic and genealogical research by medieval historians and in particular by medieval genealogical researchers.

Contact: cll-sigs@strath.ac.uk

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