How to payPayment of tuition fees

Payment of Deposit (if required as a condition of your application)

Please ensure when making payment of your deposit that you use the student number which has been allocated against the course for which the deposit condition is outstanding. This is particularly relevant in the case where a student may also be undertaking a Pre-Sessional English Course.

*Please note that for students who are being sponsored it will be necessary to provide Finance with a copy of your signed sponsorship letter by scanning and emailing it to quoting your registration number.

Online Registration

Available from early August 2020. There are two ways for students to pay online:

  • in full
  • by instalments

Installments can be setup during the online registration process by the following methods:

  • recurring card payment (RCP)
  • non-recurring card payment

Recurring card payment plan (RCP)

Payment of tuition fees can be made by instalments for all sums equal to or greater than £250.00 using a credit/debit card. This is known as a recurring card payment and is commonly referred to as an RCP plan.

The term dates applied to the plan will be:

  • instalment 1: due on or before registration
  • instalment 2: due on 1st December 2020
  • instalment 3: due on 1st March 2021

The RCP plan should be set up during the online registration process. Once you have set up your RCP plan you will receive a confirmation email which will detail the exact amount and dates when payments will be debited from your card.

If a payment instalment fails you will receive an email to say the we will attempt to take payment within the next 5 days. If the second attempt fails the payment instalment must be made immediately using another payment method.

For high value transactions it's recommended that you contact your bank or card issuer to notify them you are intending to process a transaction for the payment of fees. If for any reason your transaction is declined then you should contact your bank or card issuer in the first instance.

Amendment/cancellation of RCP plan

Please note if your fees alter and you wish to amend the value of your plan you should contact Finance on 0141 548 4500 at least 5 working days prior to the payment date.

If your wish to amend your card details for any of the undernoted reasons then you can do this on our online payment page by selecting the option ‘Amending card details on active RCP plan.

Non-Recurring Card Payment Plan

If you do not wish to set up a recurring card payment plan you will still have the option to set up an instalment plan for tuition fees equal to or greater than £250.00.

The term dates applied to the plan will be:

  • instalment 1: due on or before registration
  • instalment 2: due on or before 1st December 2020
  • instalment 3: due on or before 1st March 2021

Prior to online registration students must provide evidence that they hold a grant, award, loan or sponsorship letter* by which all or part of their tuition fees will be paid directly to the university; or

Provide an undertaking that they will make an immediate application for fee support from the appropriate award agency (see below for information).

*Please note that for students who are being sponsored, it will be necessary to provide Finance with a copy of your signed sponsorship letter by scanning and emailing it to quoting your registration number.

Detailed information about online registration can be found at Student Experience and Enhancement Services.

Students who have an enquiry about payment should call:

0141 548 4500

General information

In accordance with University regulations, all students become liable for payment of the full tuition fee on registration.

Some UK students (e.g. many Scottish-domiciled undergraduate students) will have their tuition fee paid on their behalf by an awards agency but it is important that such students make a prompt application to the relevant authority for fee support (see below).

Please also note that applications for fee support from award agencies must be made every year – awards are not renewed automatically. In most cases, this application process will also allow undergraduate students to apply for a student loan if this is required.

New undergraduate students from England, Wales or Northern Ireland who are liable to a pay the RUK tuition fee rate can apply for support from the Strathclyde Access Bursary. Information on the Bursary can be found here.

Award Agencies

UK students applying for support from the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) or from the relevant division of Student Finance England, Northern Ireland or Wales are expected to submit applications to the relevant award agency at the earliest opportunity.

Your registration is permitted on the condition that you've applied for and expect to receive funding from the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) or for continuing LEA students only - another Local Education Authority in the United Kingdom.

Please note if you don't receive an award letter by 13 November 2020 which covers the required Tuition Fee you will be personally liable for the full amount or any remaining balance.

Postgraduate SAAS Funding

You may be eligible for:

  • a tuition fee loan of up to £5,500 for full time
  • SAAS part-time fee grant

Please see SAAS for more information.

Students from the European Community please visit SAAS.

Points of contact for award agencies

UK students unsure of their status in terms of tuition fee support may contact agencys below.

Students in Scotland

Student Awards Agency for Scotland
Gyleview House
3 Redheughs Rigg
South Gyle
EH12 9HH

Tel:  0300 555 0505

Students domiciled in England

Student Finance England

Tel: 0845 300 5090

Students domiciled in Wales

Student Finance Wales

Tel: 0845 602 8845

Students domiciled in Northern Ireland

Student Finance Northern Ireland

Tel: 0845 600 0662

UK students who need advice about dealing with their award agency may also contact the University’s Funding & Financial Support Team on 0141 548 2753 or email

Non-UK students may contact the International Office on 0141 548 2593 or email:

Charges, Discounts and Refunds

Default charge on late payment:

  • Students who do not make an instalment payment by the due date will be charged a £50.00 default charge.
  • Discount for early payment in full
  • See discount for tuition fees


The University Refund Policy is currently under review and will be issued shortly.

However students who withdraw from their course after paying fees to the University may be entitled to a proportional refund.