Graduation FAQs


Is it compulsory to enrol for graduation?

All students who expect to qualify for a degree must enrol for graduation.  Enrolment is essential even if you do not wish to attend the ceremony (i.e. if you wish your award to be presented 'in absentia').  You are not entitled to call yourself a graduate and/or receive your award parchment until you have graduated, either 'in person' or 'in absentia'.

When is the deadline to enrol?

The deadline for enrolment is:

  • Friday 1 May for the Summer ceremonies
  • Friday 25 September for Winter ceremonies

How much will it cost?

There is no fee to graduate either in absentia or in attendance at a ceremony. However, you MUST enrol to graduate so that your certificate can be prepared for you.

How do I enrol for graduation?

You MUST enrol to graduate. Please use our online enrolment form.

Your name should be given as you wish it to appear on your degree certificate and this should match the name on your PEGASUS student record, birth certificate and/or passport. Please note that some professional bodies may reject your degree certificate if the name is different. If necessary, please amend your PEGASUS student record accordingly (please note, this option is not available for Tier 4 students).

The address you supply is where your degree certificate will be sent and it is important that any changes are notified IMMEDIATELY to

If I graduate “in absentia” when can I expect to receive my award parchment?

Your award parchment will be posted by standard mail to the address you provide on the enrolment form, 10 days after the date of the last graduation ceremony. UK address delivery is normally within 5 working days and for non-UK addresses we recommend allowing up to 20 working days.

I’ve received the Graduation confirmation email and noticed a mistake. How do I change my information?

To change or update registration details, please contact quoting your full name and student registration number. Please give a minimum of 14 days’ notice for any changes.

What if I have debts outstanding?

You should clear any debts with the Finance Office or Library immediately. We regret that, due to the deadlines for publication of graduation lists in the press, if your debts are not cleared seven working days before the ceremony, your name may not appear in the press lists on graduation day.

I am a Tier 4 student who has returned home but I want to attend my graduation ceremony. What do I need to do?

If you have a Tier 4 visa which will still be valid on the date of your graduation please ensure you register to graduate. Once you've registered you'll receive an email confirmation. You should print your email confirmation and carry it with you in your hand luggage when you fly back into the UK. This is important because you may be asked why you are travelling back into the UK after you have completed your studies and so close to the expiry date on your visa. The email confirmation is proof that you are travelling for a reason connected to your studies (graduation). If you carry this confirmation with you, you should be allowed to enter the UK but we cannot guarantee this.

If you no longer have a valid Tier 4 Visa you'll need to apply for a Standard Visit visa to attend your graduation. Print the email confirming you've registered to attend your graduation ceremony. You'll also need to provide proof that you have enough money to support your trip to the UK (no amount is specified but make sure you have more than enough to cover flights, accommodation and living costs for the duration of your stay). We recommend you provide bank statements and booking or enquiry forms for your flights and accommodation. We also suggest you show proof of your intention to leave the UK at the end of your stay (which could include proof of a job or other commitments in your country of residence). You'll find more information on the required documents, plus the application form and more information on the process on the GOV.UK website.

Before your graduation ceremony

I registered to graduate in person but now I can’t come. How can I cancel my place?

If you are unable to attend the graduation ceremony it is imperative that you contact us IMMEDIATELY at and let us know whether you wish to graduate “in absentia” or defer until the next available graduation ceremony. If you do not contact us you will automatically graduate “in absentia” and your degree certificate will be sent to the address on your enrolment form.

What if I haven’t passed in time for the ceremony, what should I do?

If you enrol to graduate for the June ceremony but do not qualify for the award in time, your enrolment will automatically carry forward to the November ceremony; similarly if you enrol for the November ceremony but do not qualify for the award in time, your enrolment will automatically carry forward to the following June ceremony. You'll not need to enrol again

I can’t attend my ceremony as I haven’t passed. What should I do about the gown and photography?

You should contact Ede & Ravenscroft on 01223 861854 and they will be able to refund or defer your payment accordingly.

Do I need to wear a gown on my graduation day?

Yes, all students attending a graduation ceremony must wear academic dress?

How and when do I hire a gown for the ceremony?

Make sure you hire your gown as soon as possible, no later than three weeks before your ceremony.

Gown hire is provided by Ede & Ravenscroft and you can book your gown online.

I have registered for graduation and wish to amend my status/change of address, what should I do?

Any change to your graduation should be notified to as soon as possible. Please give a minimum of 14 days’ notice for any changes and note that changes to your graduation address do not alter the student record and vice-versa.


I have a guest who will require assistance. What do I do?

Notify 10 working days before the date of your graduation ceremony and someone will contact you.

Can I bring a child/children?

You may allocate your guest tickets to children, however the ceremony is not particularly suitable for babies or young children and it is suggested that you make other arrangements for them. Guests with young children will be asked to leave pushchairs and buggies in areas out with the hall in order to maintain access and fire routes.

I have guests who will be coming from outside the UK, is there a letter I can have to assist with their visa application?

A sample “relative’s letter” is available from the International Student Support Team.

The ceremony

Where will the ceremony take place?

All ceremonies take place in the Barony Hall, Rottenrow East, Glasgow G4 0RA.

What if my particular ceremony date is inconvenient, is it possible to change it?

No, students graduate at the date and time at which their course is due to graduate and it is not possible for this to be amended.

Will I get my certificate at the ceremony?

All students should receive their degree certificate during the ceremony. For those students graduating “in absentia” (not attending), your degree certificate will be sent by first class mail (UK addresses) or by standard airmail (non-UK addresses) approximately two weeks after the graduation ceremonies have taken place.

I and/or my guests need additional support or assistance for the ceremony – what should I do?

If you think you need adjustments or additional support to enable you to participate in the graduation ceremony, or if any of your guests need assistance, please contact no later than 10 June 2020. Guests requiring wheelchair access will be able to access the Barony Hall from the entrance to the left of the main entrance where Security staff will be available to assist guests into the hall. The Hall is also fitted with induction loop facilities for guests wearing hearing aids, who should set their aids to the “T” position.

Do I have to wear academic dress?

All graduands attending Congregation are required to wear the correct academic dress and Ede and Ravenscroft, official robemakers to the University, will provide the correct academic dress for your award and faculty. This can be ordered through their website or by telephone on 01223 861854 and should be ordered no later than three weeks before the ceremony.

What should I wear underneath my robes?

Graduation ceremonies are a formal, ceremonial occasion and you should therefore wear appropriate smart, formal clothing:

Men: dark suit or dark jacket/trousers, with a white shirt
- Women: dark skirt/trousers with a white blouse, or white or dark dress
- A recognised national dress may also be worn

Will the ceremony be broadcast?

Yes, graduation videos can be found on our Graduations YouTube channel, usually one working day after your ceremony.

How long will the ceremony last?
The ceremonies usually last for approximately one hour.

Will there be a photography company at the graduation?

Ede and Ravenscroft Photographers will be in attendance on the day of your ceremony to provide graduation photographs. Details on the packages available can be found via their website at

Where and when are the photographs taken?

Ede & Ravenscroft will be in attendance on the day of your ceremony at the following locations:
June ceremonies: University Centre
November ceremonies: Insight Institute

Contact details

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