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Congratulations on your graduation day!

You made it! Graduation is our favourite time of the year. It's a time for celebrating your achievements at Strathclyde and sharing that day with your nearest and dearest. We love seeing you all as you transition from Strathclyde students to Strathclyde alumni.

Our winter 2019 graduations are now over. You can watch your ceremonies again here.

Enrol to graduate

Here's the deal:

Summer graduation 2020 - Tuesday 23 June to Friday 3 July 2020

Winter graduation 2020 - Monday 2 November to Monday 9 November 2020

  • all students need to enrol to graduate, even if you’re not attending the ceremony. You must register as either Attending or Non-Attending
  • if you don't enrol to graduate, your award will not be conferred and we won't be able to produce a parchment for you
  • enrolment for the 2020 ceremonies will open in March 2020 and you'll enrol to graduate using our online enrolment form
  • please don’t wait until you have your results or until your award has been confirmed. If you don’t enrol before the deadline you may not be able to graduate
  • if you change your mind about either attending or not attending the ceremony please let us know right away by emailing We need to know how many students are graduating

This part is also REALLY important

If you decide not to progress to the next or final year of your course and instead want to graduate at the upcoming ceremonies you must tell your department or school as soon as possible. This way they can update their records and you can be put forward for an award. Graduation enrolment is not confirmation that you intend to withdraw early from your course.

Academic transcript

All graduating students will receive an academic transcript free of charge.

If you're attending one of the graduation ceremonies you'll be able to collect your academic transcript when you come to collect your guest tickets from the McCance building.

If you're graduating in absentia then you'll be able to collect your transcript along with your award parchment (from the McCance building) after all of the graduation ceremonies have taken place.

Please note that as academic transcripts contain personal sensitive data you'll need to present your student card for verification purposes before your transcript can be released.

a female student celebrates with her arms in the air and a smile on her face after collecting her degree and walking back to her seat

Graduation dates

View details of our all graduation ceremonies.

three male graduates take a selfie and smile together at graduation


Every student will automatically receive two guest tickets. Find out more.
a female student wearing her gown and hood looks back and smiles at the camera

Hiring your gown

Discover all you need to know about hiring your gown from Ede & Ravenscroft.
two male graduates smile at the camera and give the thumbs up while holding their degrees

Graduation checklist

From enroling to clearing your debts, make sure you've done everything you need to do to graduate!
a row of students smiles and claps at graduation

Graduation day

Find out everything you need to know about your graduation day at Strathclyde.
Esther Oyewusi, a Strathclyde graduate, alongside a piper at graduation ceremony
It felt absolutely great [to graduate]! My hard work and achievement were acknowledged.
Esther Oyewusi
Industrial Biotechnology (MSc) graduate

Accessibility at graduation

the barony hall hosts a graduation ceremony with guests on either side of the long aisle which leads up to the stage

Travel and transport

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How we use your data

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Graduation souvenirs!

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After you graduate

Strathclyde graduates at graduation ceremony