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If you're graduating in our Summer or Autumn ceremonies, you'll find all the info you need below. But if you've any questions, just email us at

Congratulations on your graduation day!

You made it! Graduation is our favourite time of the year. It's a time for celebrating your achievements at Strathclyde and sharing that day with your nearest and dearest. We love seeing you all as you transition from Strathclyde students to Strathclyde alumni.

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Enrol to graduate

Summer graduation 2024 - Tuesday 18 June to Friday 28 June 2024

  • all students need to enrol to graduate, even if you’re not attending the ceremony. You must register as either Attending or Non-Attending
  • if you don't enrol to graduate, your award will not be conferred and we won't be able to produce a parchment for you
  • enrolment for the 2024 ceremonies will open in early March 2024 and you'll enrol to graduate using our online enrolment form
  • please don't wait until you have your results or until your award has been confirmed. If you don't enrol before the deadline of Friday 10 May you may not be able to graduate at the summer ceremonies
  • please note that Postgraduate Diploma students are presented at the November ceremonies
  • if you change your mind about either attending or not attending the ceremony please let us know right away by emailing We need to know how many students are graduating.

Withdrawing early from your course

If you decide not to progress to the next or final year of your course and instead want to graduate at the upcoming ceremonies you must tell your department or school as soon as possible. This way they can update their records and you can be put forward for an award. Graduation enrolment is not confirmation that you intend to withdraw early from your course.

Academic transcript

All graduating students are eligible to receive an academic transcript free of charge for up to 6 months after graduation. Please email with your details and a pdf of your transcript will be arranged and sent to you.

Honorary Degrees

Honorary Degrees are awarded to recognise exceptional service and contribution to academic inquiry and the advancement of learning, the University, and to society, nationally and/or internationally.

Honorary Degrees at Strathclyde