International studentsLost or stolen biometric residence permits (BRP)

Like your passport that has been issued by your home government, your biometric residence permit (BRP) is an official immigration document issued under very strict criteria by the UK Government. It's important that you do everything you can to keep this safe.

You should keep your permit in a safe place when you take it out and keep your bag, wallet or purse in your possession at all times when you're out and about.

What if I lose my BRP?

If you do lose your BRP, it's essential that you tell the University as soon as possible so that we can advise you on your options and keep your visa record up to date.

The Home Office would expect that you seek the assistance of the International Student Support Team to guide you through this process.

How much will it cost to replace?

There's a £19 application fee to replace your BRP. Some students may have to pay an additional fee if you are required to attend a biometric appointment.

How long will it take to replace?

The process takes approximately eight weeks and, like all visa applications, there's no guarantee that the Home Office will issue you with a new one.This may result in you having to return to your home country and applying for a new visa. We don't have any control over how long the Home Office will take to replace the BRP and you should not make any travel arrangements until you have received your new BRP.

Difficulties you may experience being without your BRP include:

  • you'll not be able to confirm your right to be in the UK to any authorities who may request you to present it
  • you'll not be able to apply for a Schengen visa to travel to Europe 
  • you'll not be able to return to the UK if you lose your card in your home country or any other country you may be visiting and will have to go through the lengthy process of gaining temporary admission to the UK
  • you may have difficulty in buying age restricted items such as tobacco or alcohol, or entering age restricted establishments such as bars and nightclubs