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Superfood Salad

Build your own salads - small 16oz: £4.95 / large 24oz: £6.50

Choose your base

Brain Booster Curly kale, spicy cauliflower rice, crunchy peppers & red onion
Power Bowl Spinach, beetroot, shredded carrot & egg
Vitamin Kick Baby leaf, tomato, cucumber & red onion, roast sweet potato

Add 1 mixed

Creamy slaw, herby potato salad, med veg, cous cous

Add your protein

Chicken, tuna, feta cheese, hummus

Dress it

Chipotle caesar, honey mustard, balsamic oil, Sriracha hot sauce

Add a crunch

Crispy onions, spicy seeds, garlic croutons

Extra protein: £1.25

Extra salad item: £85p

Protein Shakes - £3.95

Choose your protein (19g per scoop)

Chocolate, vanilla

Pick your fruit or veg

Mango, superberry, banana, avocado, spinac

Pick your milk

Semi-skimmed, oat, almond, coconut

Add your supergreens: 50p

Smoothies (all made with apple juice) - £3.25

Mighty Green Apple, pear, kiwi, mint, avocado
Veggie Twist Ginger, apple, spinach, carrot, lemon zest
Berry Energiser Blackcurrants, blackberry, strawberry
Strawberry Split Strawberry, banana
Sweet Melody Mango, strawberry, melon
Mango Twister Mango, raspberries
Tropical Delight Peach, passionfruit, mango